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A Shade Greener are the UK market leaders in the free solar industry and with almost 5000 installs under our belt, we have many happy customers benefiting from the FREE electricity our systems provide. We're rapidly expanding and are now fitting FREE solar panel systems across the majority of the UK, and will reply to your enquiries within 48 hours.

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Is it really free?

Yes, our service is absolutely 100% free. Thanks to the Government initiated FIT Scheme, which was brought in to incentivize people to invest in renewable energy - and that's exactly what we're doing. Read More...

It works like this; Under the FIT Scheme, the power companies pay an inflated rate, called the Generation Tariff, for all of the electricity produced by the solar panels, whether it is used by the occupier, or not. All we do is borrow money from our bank to cover the costs of the system, admin work, maintenance, installation and everything else. The Generation Tariff then pays back the bank and eventually our profits. Our customers, however, benefit immediately from the free electricity that our systems provide.

There must be a catch, what is it?

There is no catch. We have installed thousands of systems for our extremely happy customers, we’ve featured on the BBC four times and keep in touch with the public online via Facebook and Twitter. If there was a catch you would know about it by now. Most importantly we're MCS and REAL approved as is highly recommended by BBC’s Watchdog.

How much will I really save?

We recently surveyed 100 of our customers who’d had our system for over 1 year. The average reduction in their annual electric bill was 37%, with 25% of those questioned enjoying savings of 50% and over. These savings are real savings, unlike all the other misleading and inaccurate estimations flying around the internet. Read More...

We have further evidence about what you can expect to save as we have now installed 50 import/export meters onto a random selection of properties so that we can monitor exactly how much of the free electricity is being used by every home – these are real figures, not estimated, not speculative, this is concrete evidence of the effectiveness of solar. When we last checked, our panels were providing those customers with an average of 46% of the total power required by their homes.

Why choose A Shade Greener?

We offer a five star service from people who are all employed directly by us. We are the UK market leaders in free solar. We were the first company in the UK to offer free solar panels to the public and have installed more free solar panel systems than any other company. Read More...

We are also the only free solar company that directly employs all its PV installers and Electricians, unlike other free solar companies we do NOT sub-contract our work out to anyone else. By keeping everything ‘in-house’ we have complete control over the quality of work that is carried out by our workforce, who are all very proud to be working for A Shade Greener. As recommended by BBC Watchdog, we are also MCS and REAL accredited installers.

Is it a disruptive process?

No, not at all. Our team can have a system up and functional in just a few hours. The majority of the work is done on the outside so no redecorating is needed. Our PV Installers are also professional roofers with many years of experience, so they know exactly what they're doing.

How can I find out if my roof is suitable?

It's simple, just fill out an enquiry and we'll take a look at your house and within 48 hours let you know if your house is suitable for one of our systems and arrange a no obligation onsite survey. If it is suitable after the survey and you choose to go ahead, we will guarantee you'll get one of our Free Solar Panel systems.

We have now installed almost 5000 free solar systems and are approving homes on a daily basis. We have thousands of systems still available and if your roof is suitable an application now will reserve a system for your home. I can personally guarantee that there are no costs involved to customers. Unlike other companies, our service is ENTIRELY FREE. Stewart Davies, Managing Director ASG
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