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Embracing the Future: 25 years of Technology

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It’s 1989 and you’re recording Beautiful South perform live on Top of the Pops, on a Video cassette player which if you ever decided to re-wind late at night could potentially wake neighbours up and down the street. A time when a mobile phone was anything but mobile: you almost needed a trolley just to take your phone out and about.

A time when “browsing for holidays” meant your Mum was pinned to the teletext channel, whilst you nagged impatiently to play on your Commodore 64. Your new RCA ColorTrak TV was so obscenely heavy you specifically recall your neighbours been poached to assist in carrying it from the car. You eagerly awaited the release of Back to the Future II on video to enjoy the blockbuster hit though your state of the art 25” TV screen, but whilst Marty travelled to the future of October 21st 2015, perhaps we shouldn’t have blinked, as somehow here we are, in 2015, just 7 months away from Marty’s’ future.


Back to the Future

You’re now recording your favourite programs on Sky TV – not a video player in sight – and a tiny sky card holds more recordings than a thousand video cassettes could ever contain. Game of Thrones has taken over your life, leaving Top of the Pops but a distant memory. A mobile phone now fits in the palm of your hand; with touch screen technology so advanced that you’re now password-protecting your phone with your own fingerprint! You no longer fear tripping over internet cables which used to drape across the living room floor in the late 1990’s, as your internet now appears silently as if by magic, or fibre optic broadband as it’s called today.

Your PlayStation 4 sleekly sits beneath the TV in the shadows that was once home to your Commodore 64. Your flat screen TV now boasts 3D features in high definition, weighing just 11kg, surely a good 30kg lighter than your old RCA ColorTrak. I guess times really have changed . . .

Endless new technologies have come and gone, with each new bringing a huge advancement on the last. While the relentless march of progress continues to take generations by storm, there are some things that even 25 years cannot change: children (and adults) still sweep through the house lighting up each room as the notion of switch flicking becomes more of an automatic reflex. Bill-conscious parents still run behind switching off appliances with the same old grumble that TV’s are playing to empty rooms; a concern that I doubt even another 25 years will diminish.


Technology is developing at such an impressive rate, I can scarcely imagine what future developments will be consuming our energy supplies by 2040. Whilst games consoles have transformed astoundingly over the years, this advance in technology means that your PS4 now consumes 130 kWh of electricity a year, that’s about £20 on your annual bill, not including your TV’s energy consumption!

It’s not just gadgets and appliances that have taken the nation by storm over the past 25 years, but where we source the power to run them. In 1989 it would be unheard of to see a home with solar panels on the roof, but now in 2015 it’s almost a rarity to walk down a street where at least one household doesn’t have solar panels.

With over 49,000 families all benefiting from our FREE solar panels it’s reassuring to know that we’re a generation setting the standard for a more sustainable future. You too could be combating your energy consumption by joining the FREE solar revolution, a simple decision that could cut your electricity bills by an incredible 50%!

Why wait another 25 years? FREE solar panels could be helping you save money for YOUR future!

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