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5 Years Of Free Solar: The Road To Success

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2014 was our biggest year yet, and this week A Shade Greener’ hard work has certainly paid off, as we stamped not one, but two marks of success in to the A Shade Greener calendar.

Not only are we celebrating our 5th Birthday but, significantly, our 50,000th install has fallen on the anniversary of our first ever FREE solar panel installation, just 5 years ago this week! – Pretty impressive we think!

So, let’s take a look at our top achievements over the last 5 years:

1. We became the first ever FREE solar installer in the UK

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Okay, slight exaggeration, but you get the gist!

In April 2010 A Shade Greener installed their first ever free solar panel system – a pioneering milestone which led to us becoming the first EVER installer of free solar in the UK – We continue to be the largest, and the greatest, of course!

2. We created over 1000 new jobs!


Whilst FREE solar began to take the UK by storm, A Shade Greener were at the forefront of this incredible incentive, creating over 1000 new jobs in the process – not to mention giving the local economy a much needed boost!

3. We rapidly expanded our installation area

area expansion

Whilst Yorkshire soon became the greenest region in Britain, the word of free solar had begun to spread to even the most remote parts of the UK, so with our new installation teams appointed, A Shade Greener rapidly expanded their installation area in a fast moving quest to bring free solar to eagerly awaiting homes up and down the UK.

Now, in 2015, ASG are a nationwide brand – In fact, you’ll be lucky if you can even go a day without spotting one of our vans out and about.

4. Over 30,000 Solar Bears invaded Homes across the UK

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One Bear, One Mission . . .

A small and unquestionably cute polar bear become a well-known friend of the A Shade Greener family; thousands upon thousands took up camp in families homes across the UK, all on a top secret mission to help spread the word about free solar (Well, when they’re not busy eating cookies that is) We think they’re doing a great job, don’t you?

5. We installed 50,000 FREE solar panel systems on homes across the UK


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With an epic team of over 1000 dedicated employees and a nation intrigued by this amazing money saving concept, here we are, almost 5 years on since our first install, celebrating an incredible 50,000 free solar panel installations!

6. We helped over 50,000 families make huge savings on their electricity bills

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Now, we’re not the only ones doing great things! When our customers make the fantastic decision to get free solar panels, not only are they saving an average of 50% on their electricity bills, but they’re also massively reducing their households carbon footprint and contributing to a huge reduction in CO2 emissions!

7. We gave away over a £1,000,000 in Refer-A-Friend promotions

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Have a friend you want to refer for free solar? Click the image to start referring now . . .

Since the launch of our Refer-A-Friend scheme we’ve given away an unbelievable £1,000,000 in referral payments. To celebrate our 50,000th FREE solar panel installation we’ve earmarked another £1,000,000 for the fantastic scheme.

8. We gained an enormous 97,000 Facebook page likes

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Click the image to visit us on Facebook . . .

Now we know we’re pretty great, but we think our customers are equally as awesome for helping us reach such an amazing following.  People of Facebook, we salute you!

Why not help us on our next mission? –  Lets reach 100,000 likes by the end of April!

A future prediction . . .

Whilst we reflect on what amazing achievements the last 5 years have brought, it’s exciting to think what lies in store for A Shade Greener in the future…

In another 5 years’ time many of us will have become captivated by the excitement of the 2020 Olympics, with masses of people jumping up to switch the kettle on before the next main event begins – a simple habit which costs the average UK household around £40 a year in electricity. Well, by 2020 we predict that over 150,000 of these people will be doing this for FREE – Will you?

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Click the image to enquire about free solar panels today . . .

Celebrating 50,000 free solar installs – Working together to make our world A Shade Greener!

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