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9 Things You Might Not Know About FREE Solar

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For those of you who don’t already have our panels, here’s a few things you might not know about the amazing benefits of FREE solar.

1. Free solar is completely FREE


Yes I know, stating the obvious, but just thought I’d reinforce the most important fact.

How is it free? Well, the reason we are able to install our panels for free is because we claim the feed in tariff (FIT) back from the energy companies, which is how we make a profit. You as a customer however get to benefit from the FREE electricity generated by our solar panels.

2. Anyone is eligible to apply

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Even Solar Bears got them!

Anyone can apply for our FREE solar panels, all you need is a suitable roof.

You just need a spare minute to complete our quick online application form and our team will do the rest!

3. Installation takes less than ONE day

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Our installations are carried out in just a few hours, which means your panels will be up and generating FREE electricity in less than a day. – You’ll hardly notice we’re there!

4. You benefit immediately from the installation

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Your panels will start generating FREE electricity immediately after installation – you can use as much or as little of this electricity as you like.

 5. They cut your electricity bill by around 50%


Our solar panels generate FREE electricity, which on average helps our customers save around 50% on their electricity bills. – An amazing saving which can make a huge difference to many families.

 6. They help you reduce the carbon footprint of your home



Generating your own FREE electricity means you’ll be using less electricity from the national grid, which in turn helps reduce your families carbon footprint. – So you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too!

7. Homes with solar panels are more desirable than those without

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Lets face it, who wouldn’t want cheaper bills?!

Recent surveys have shown that solar panels are the most sought-after home improvement. In addition to the huge savings that they can provide, solar panels also have a positive effect on the EPC rating, making the home more desirable to potential buyers.

8. You can earn £100’s just by spreading the word

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Have a friend you want to refer for free solar? Click the image to start referring now . . .

Do you have a friend or neighbour who would like FREE solar panels? Refer them through our refer-a-friend scheme and qualify for £100 each on installation. Oh, and there’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so the more you refer the more you earn!

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9. Over 50,0000 families are ALREADY benefiting

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A Shade Greener have installed over 50,000 FREE solar systems on homes throughout the UK, helping families save hundreds of pounds each year.

Will you be next?

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So what are you waiting for? Enquire now and and you could be enjoying the benefits of FREE solar this summer time.

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