An Adventure in America

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An Adventure in America

Many people when returning from a holiday get what you may call the holiday blues. After a three week holiday I was expecting much of the same, however I then remembered that I have the best job in the world and I couldn’t wait to get back to it!

I am in a very cheerful mood today since being reunited with Chief Solar Bear and our amazing team and so I have decided to do a fun blog about my travels with two young miscreants, Sonny the Solar bear and Barney the Boiler Bear (two of Chief Bear’s newest recruits.)

Like most of our team the bears had been working very hard at the office prior to our vacation, and so it was decided that they should come along with me to America and enjoy some down-time. I agreed without hesitation, not knowing I would come to think twice about my decision…

It started out with the boys sweetly and innocently helping me to pack my suitcase. We were all excited and squealing about the adventures that we were to endure. We spent the night packing and unpacking the case, filtering out what we didn’t need such as extra clothes, excessive toiletries and the eighteenth pair of shoes that are, as I was told, utterly unnecessary whilst becoming familiar with our itinerary for the three weeks ahead. The itinerary nonetheless was something that I later came to learn the boys had no intention to adhere to.


  After the 9 hour flight to America the boys and myself were very tired and so an early night was pretty much decided after some warm milk and cartoons. After brushing my teeth I went to say goodnight to the boys only to find them not in their plush king-sized bed, or in fact brushing their teeth, but instead sitting in front of the TV that I had turned off half an hour ago, feeling rather sorry for one another.


 It wasn’t until the next day when the boys refused to get out of their bed after their cartoon tantrum that I realised they were going to be up to nothing but mischief for the entire holiday!


 It can suffice to say then that my holiday became a huge game of hide and seek beyond this point and so I felt compelled to share the evidence with you as some of the boy’s hiding places were a little inventive. I hope as our A Shade Greener family you enjoy our holiday snaps…


I will end on this note; after three weeks of chasing Barney and Sonny around I pretty much feel like I need another holiday! But then again that would mean leaving my job again and I love it too much to take any further time off.  Please comment below and let me know how many of you took your leap of faith and joined the ASG family whilst I was gone?

Until next time keep smiling…

Just because I’m kind here are a few more pictures that Sonny and Barney wanted me to share with you enjoy :)!


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