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The Big 6 VS A Shade Greener!

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Whilst all of the Big 6 energy giants have finally surrendered under pressure from politicians and consumer groups to reduce domestic gas prices following the recent drop in wholesale costs, EDF Energy dragged their feet the longest before finally announcing a minuscule 1.3% price cut. Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey commented that:

“People want to see bigger savings now and energy companies need to up their game if they want their customers to stick around”

So whilst all of the Big 6 energy suppliers eventually succumbed to pressure to reduce gas prices, not everyone is happy with these pitiful reductions. Although we’re expected to consider any price cut as a bonus, a mere 5% isn’t going to make a noticeable difference to our energy bills.

The rise and fall of gas and electricity prices often tends to coincide, however none of the Big 6 energy giants have announced any foreseeable cuts to their electricity prices.

So whilst Npower customers ‘enjoy’ the most substantial price cut at 5.1%, even those ‘lucky’ customers will not be blessed with an accompanying cut to their electricity bills, or will they? . . .


‘Big 6′ VS A Shade Greener – The save-off!

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Yes, Big 6 energy suppliers can save you as much as 5.1% on your gas bills, but did you know that A Shade Greener could be saving you an incredible 50% on your electricity bills? So no matter how much the Big 6 cut or raise their prices, A Shade Greener can ensure you’re always saving!

So, believe it or not, cutting electricity bills is something that many of us do actually have control over, and no I don’t mean with a pair of scissors, but by a simple system that generates free electricity for your home. Sound good? Well, our free solar panels can do exactly that!

Solar panels work by absorbing daylight, which is then converted into electricity for your home, in return saving you around 50% on your electricity bills! – Magical isn’t it!

Oh, and the most important factor: they’re FREE! Yes, you did read it right the first time, A Shade Greener will install, maintain and insure your panels absolutely FREE!


Make the cut!

Anyone is eligible to apply for our free solar panels, so why wait around for the Big 6 to announce a measly cut to your electricity tariff when you can join over 47,000 happy homes and cut your bills for good!

Apply now green

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  1. alan_parker33@hotmail.co.uk'

    I have solar panels they are good save loads. Ive saved on gas too by only using it for cooking. Shut the gas boiler off and use my coke burning solid fuel central heating boiler instead. Its a free standing Ideal marquis solid fuel boiler. Hand fired a few times a day thermostatically controlled. Lots of very hot water too. Keeps the 8 radiators very hot and a warm kitchen where its installed over night. Great.

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