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The Big 6 VS A Shade Greener!

Whilst all of the Big 6 energy giants have finally surrendered under pressure from politicians and consumer groups to reduce domestic gas prices following the recent drop in wholesale costs, EDF Energy dragged their feet the longest before finally announcing a minuscule 1.3% price cut. Energy […]

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48 hour energy saving challenge! – Enter now!

As Big Energy Saving week 2014 comes to an end, we’ve decided to conclude this event by setting you a 48 hour energy saving challenge! By accepting our challenge this weekend your family could be making a huge difference to your home’s carbon footprint, and save big money in […]

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Heating the future – Biomass explained

What is biomass? Biomass in the broadest of terms refers to any organic material that can be used as a source of fuel to generate energy. Biomass boilers generally run on wood pellets which are derived from sustainably sourced dry sawdust, which is compressed under high pressure. […]

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