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Solar Impulse 2 : Where It’s Going

This week is an exciting one for solar power: the first ever round-the-world journey in a solar-powered aircraft started on Monday. ‘Solar Impulse 2’ is a plane powered purely by the solar cells on its wings, and it will travel round the whole world without […]

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A Shade Greener 40,000 free solar installs

Is Solar Making A Difference?

When we first started providing solar to domestic homes back in 2009 the technology in the UK was relatively unknown, certainly to the public for whom our product would be targeting. We knew it would be an uphill struggle to not only make people aware […]

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Heating the future – Biomass explained

What is biomass? Biomass in the broadest of terms refers to any organic material that can be used as a source of fuel to generate energy. Biomass boilers generally run on wood pellets which are derived from sustainably sourced dry sawdust, which is compressed under high pressure. […]

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