Join the Fight Against the UK Energy Crisis this Winter!

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UK facing winter energy crunch

The looming energy crisis this winter could force power companies to ‘dim the lights’ as Britain’s power supplies become completely over-stretched.

As the gap between capacity and demand narrows, concerns have been raised over whether blackouts can be avoided, especially following the recent closure of a number of power stations in the UK.

UK ‘brown-outs’ have been predicted, which are a step behind a full ‘black-out’. A ‘brown-out’ is a phrase used to describe the shortage in power voltage distributed to a home or office which dims the lights for several hours or even days.


energy crisis imageWith the winter months approaching and temperatures predicted to freeze, will Britain’s energy network be ready to cope? Or will blackouts, already common in the US, become an unwelcome pest to everyday life in the UK?

The renewable energy industry can ease pressure on the national grid, but it needs to become a much greater presence in our country’s future if we are to avoid the re-occurrence of such energy shortages in the UK.

It’s a worrying reality that Britain, who once had the most reliable electricity supply in the world, is now under threat as the National Grid warns that its capacity to supply electricity has hit a seven year low this winter.

But what if we could offer you a solution to help you fight back against the worries of Britain’s increasing power shortage?

Well, we can!


Make a #SolarStand

Join the solar revolution and fight back against the UK’s dwindling energy network capacity.

Our FREE solar panels generate FREE electricity for your home, which means much less electricity is required from the National Grid.

If more people joined the solar revolution then together we can help ease the pressure on the National Grid’s power demands.

Over 40,000 households are already making a stand with FREE solar panels and cutting their energy bills by around 50%! So why not make your #SolarStand today and reap the benefits that our FREE solar panels bring!

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Join the fight against UK energy shortage!


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