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The Winter of Energy Discontent

Over the last 3 years we have seen the ‘Big 6′ energy suppliers increase their prices to customers at well above inflation levels. We have seen individual increases as high as 19% with many of the major suppliers in the UK announcing 4 separate gas […]

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Heating the future – Biomass explained

What is biomass? Biomass in the broadest of terms refers to any organic material that can be used as a source of fuel to generate energy. Biomass boilers generally run on wood pellets which are derived from sustainably sourced dry sawdust, which is compressed under high pressure. […]

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Through the eyes of a new starter

A Shade Greener The fight for the future: Through the eyes of a new starter: A few months in and I am being trusted to write a Blog (oh dear,) so here goes… Normally when starting a new job I would have the sick feeling […]

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Easy Ways to Save Energy

10 Easy Energy Savers

Don’t be draft   1. Thick and thermal lined curtains reduce the loss of heat and reduce draughts from windows and external doors.   2. Check and replace the seals on your windows and doors, if their are damages they could be leaking air.   […]

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