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11 10

As the night of the 31st of October crept in two mischievous bears began to plot, devilish grins marking their already pale faces. This night is not only familiar to many, but feared by many. This night, is Halloween night.

The scene was like any other on this frightful evening. The sky was dimmed and dark and a cold had set in determined to chill its victims walking the streets. Despite the eerie atmosphere the bravest of people ventured outside on one collective mission… TO GET CANDY, for that was the sole ambition on Halloween night.

Ghosts, mummies, witches and Draculas roamed around the towns with one thought in mind: get in: get candy, and get out! The events seemed normal. The air seemed still. However this was far from the truth as two little bears descended into sight. They were a mummy and a witch on their own mischievous little mission.

Do not be fooled by the exterior of our adorable polar bears as they can and they will be up to no good. If you think I am lying take a look at their deadly mischief today at work, we barely got away!

The first of their victims was one they had planned to get all week. A sweet, funny, young man named Karl, but he’s not so sweet anymore. Our devilish boys coated him in marmite, MARMITE his all-time worst enemy! Yuk. He is doomed to spend the night in the office stuck to his marmite chair and who knows if the place is haunted!

As if this wasn’t enough there was more to come. The next unlucky person to come into contact with them was Mykel. He is a grown man with a grotesque fear of spiders, so I would say he is normal. Knowing his weakness the boys rallied the ugliest, creepiest spiders they could find, fake of course as they too despised the creatures, and set them as traps in the office. Under papers, in his tea mug, beneath his coat. . . Mykel yelped frantically as he was covered in the spindly beasts. As a last-ditch attempt he flung himself towards the office door only to catch the ceiling fan. Mykel knew his fate in an instant. The fan began spinning blackness, all around the room. Hundreds and hundreds of overgrown spiders leapt towards his shaken self. Mykel will remain in the office tonight as he too is stuck. He has been paralysed with fear beneath the boss’s desk.

The office was in mayhem and that only sparked our two mischievous bears, witchy howls and remains of tissue paper were heard and seen momentarily before the madness erupted. The next victim was an unsuspecting one, our sweetest Gemma, now a crazed lady with wild hair! Solar and Boiler bear knew exactly how Gemma would react. They knew that she would squeal and panic and run, but they knew she would not get away. The giant pigeon they fashioned out of papier mache blocked the only office exit, which not only terrified Gemma but sent her into a frenzy of arm waving. She was petrified but figured she could go upstairs to escape the giant, dormant monster beast, but she was mistaken. As she took to the first step of the stairs squeaks and squawks ascended from above. The fake pigeon left on her desk was a distraction, a mere tool to lead her to the larger one blocking the door, as they knew that the real fear slept within it. Real pigeons erupted from the one at the doorway attacking Gemma’s hair, terrifying her soul. Gemma remains in the bathroom unblinking and totally pranked. Obviously the pigeons did not intend to hurt her but she is surely shaken.

That left just one member unscathed. Me!

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