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Solar Bears Polar Pledge – A fight against climate change

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The search for Solar bear

As I arrived at the ASG office this morning there was a rather peculiar feeling in the air and I was faced with a somewhat unfamiliar scene.

The office for the fist time in its history was remarkably quiet,  there was no usual trail of biscuit crumbs, which typically led in a crunchy path around the whole building and something just didn’t seem quite right.

It wasn’t long before this strange and unnerving atmosphere had engulfed the whole office, and as the morning unfolded the ASG staff started to speculate on the whereabouts of our loudest, messiest and cuddliest team member.

It wasn’t however until several long hours worth of speculation had passed that we heard the faint sound of sobbing drifting across the office, and as we emerged from our desks our puzzled faces began to follow this distant sound.

As we got closer a sudden sense of guilt overcame the whole team, as it had soon  became apparent that poor solar bear hadn’t in fact spent the morning snoozing in his executive igloo, as many of us were all too quick to assume, but instead had been doing some rather important research in to how his polar friends were doing over in the Arctic and whilst doing so he made a rather upsetting discovery.


Solar bears Arctic discovery

As Solar bear whipped his teary eyes he took in a deep breath and bravely began to explain his findings to the sympathetic ears of his ASG colleagues.

A recent study published by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) suggests that two thirds of the polar bear population could become extinct by 2050 if more isn’t done to prevent global warming; hence solar bear has made it his personal pledge to ensure everyone is taking an active role in the fight against climate change.

Polar bears are apparently now ranked as a vulnerable species, as the effects of climate change is forcing polar bears to spend more and more time onshore as a result of their melting habitats. Polar bears have evolved for a life reliant on sea ice, which they rely heavily on for hunting and breeding, however due to the ongoing rise in temperatures these ice platforms are decreasing, and completely melting away over time, which has a knock on effect for our entire Arctic ecosystem.

What does sea ice loss mean for our polar bears?

  • Limited access to food
  • Decline in body condition
  • Fewer opportunities for mating
  • Lower cub survival rates
  • Increase in drowning
  • Loss of access to denning areas
  • Declining population

Climate change however is not just about our polar bears nor is it just about the melting Arctic, global warming affects our entire planet.


What causes climate change?

Climate change is caused by greenhouse gases  in the atmosphere, which act much like an invisible quilt that warms up the earth.

Over the past few hundred years, humans have massively increased the level of greenhouse gasses released in to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal which is much like adding multiple quilts, the more we add the more we are  causing temperatures to rise.

Other factors  contributing to climate change is the rapid rate at which our forests are shrinking as a result of  deforestation. As trees soak up carbon dioxide from the air, fewer trees, especially in the rain forest, means less CO2 is being removed from the atmosphere.


Join the fight

Its sad to think that in generations to come so many of our animal species will have been wiped out as a result of global warming, and it is down to us as a nation to prevent this.

Humans are causing this problem and only humans can fix it!

The WWF are doing fantastic work to protect our polar bears from climate change and you too can help by making an active commitment to reduce your carbon footprint.

So what can we do to help?

Well, we already know that our solar panels alone can help cut each households CO2 emissions by approximately 1½ tonnes per year. That’s the equivalent to the amount of CO2  released by an average car over an 8000 mile journey.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Just one simple change such as switching to reusable water bottles can help your family reduce their carbon footprint, now this may not seem like a big deal but the UK bottled water industry releases 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, as only a quarter of bottles are recycled, leaving the remainder in landfills taking up to 400 years to decompose.

Just think how much CO2 could be saved if everyone adopted this simple change.

Now, we know these simple changes wont put an immediate stop to global warming, as it will take decades to reduce the build-up of greenhouse gases already masking the atmosphere, however your actions could help prevent catastrophic changes from taking place – not only saving polar bears – but life as we know it on Earth.

So please join Solar Bear in his pledge and make your mark in the fight against climate change.



    It has been nice to meet the team! I think giving us more information on what we can do to help the environment is great. simple little things that aren’t hard to do! You should do a Kids Bog and get whole family’s involved – not just us Geeks!

    Adrian Beman

    Pity solar bear not on picture could have sign round his neck saying. I love free electricity. Do I get a free. Bear


    Loving the dogs. Hope to get a bear keep the grandkids happy on our travels

    sharon andrews

    loving the the photo of the two puppies saying looking forward to FRIDAY tomorrow

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