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Solar Impulse 2 : Where It’s Going

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This week is an exciting one for solar power: the first ever round-the-world journey in a solar-powered aircraft started on Monday. ‘Solar Impulse 2’ is a plane powered purely by the solar cells on its wings, and it will travel round the whole world without using a single drop of fossil fuel.
At A Shade Greener HQ we’re very excited about the mission and are closely following the progress of Solar Impulse 2.  To clue you in about the venture, here are the journey details:


Solar Impulse 2 started its voyage in Abu Dhabi and will make a total of 12 stops in its epic journey around the world in order to carry out maintenance, swap pilots and spread a campaigning message about solar power.
The journey is expected to take five months and will cross both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, travelling a total of 35,000km (22,000 miles).

First Leg:
Abu Dhabi, UAE -> Muscat, Oman
(Pilot: Andre Borschberg)


The plane started its journey on Monday 9th March, taking off at 7:12 am (04:12 GMT) from Al-Bateen airport in Abu Dhabi. It headed east to Muscat, the capital of Oman, a distance of 400km (or 250 miles) away.
After just over 13 hours, the plane touched down at 12:14pm (16:14 GMT) at Muscat International Airport, Oman.


Second Leg:
Muscat, Oman -> Ahmedabad, India
(Pilot: Bertrand Piccard)


On Tuesday 10th March, the plane, this time with Bertrand Piccard as pilot, took off from Muscat in Oman at 06.35 (02:35 GMT). At the time of writing, it is heading across the Arabian Sea to Ahmedabad in India.
This second leg is a distance of 1,465km (or 910 miles) and is estimated to take 16 hours, landing at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport this evening.


What’s next?

From Ahmedabad, India, the plane will fly to Varanasi – also in India. From there it will travel to Mandalay in Burma, then on to Chongqing and then Nanjing in China.
After that it will take five days and nights to fly to Honolulu in Hawaii, before crossing the US, where it will make stops in Phoenix, Arizona, and JFK airport in New York.
After NYC, the plane will cross the Atlantic Ocean to either southern Europe or northern Africa, depending on weather conditions.
The final leg will take the aeroplane back to Abu Dhabi, where it will make its final landing.
The longest single leg will see a lone pilot fly non-stop for five days across the Pacific Ocean between Nanjing, China and Hawaii, a distance of 8,500 kilometres (5,270 miles).


We at A Shade Greener wish the Solar Impulse team good luck!

For more details about Solar Impulse 2’s round-the-world journey, visit:

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